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At Lingualand, kids learn languages through playing!

Overview of our learning groups:


To support your kids on their individual learning path, we created learning groups corresponding to age and level of pre-knowledge. 


The learning groups are based on age in the first place. Nevertheless we do further separate between kids with and without language foreknowledge.

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Within all learning groups, we separate between kids with and without language pre-knowlege.

Overview of our locations


Learn languages through playing, at our Lingualand location, Boxhagener Str. 64, 10245 Berlin

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Learn languages through playing - at your Kita or Primary school

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Learn languages through playing: overview of our language courses and schedules at Lingualand in Berlin Friedrichshain:

Kommunikation ist uns wichtig: Eine Übersicht über die Sprechzeiten mit unseren Lehrer*innen

Stundenplan Linguland

Learn a foreign language through playing: courses at your Kita or Primary School

Next to our courses at our location in Boxhagener Straße, we cooperate with some Kitas Primary Schools in the nearby sourroundings. This means, our courses take place at the school or Kita, either after the regular school hours or integrated into the school schedule.

Adressing schools and Kitas: We are happy to cooperate! Do you see the value of adding immersive language teaching like we do and would like to add value to your organization by offering those courses? Please get in touch with us! 

Addressing parents: You would like to find out whether we provide language courses at the Primary School or Kita of your child? We are happy to hear from you:

Lernen an Schulen & Kitas
Your kid would like to learn a new language, or to deepen pre-knowledge? Let's arrange a trial class! (free & non-binding)

In case of questions or for more information, just send us a mail to:

Or call us and just come over for a coffee (we have good coffee): 

Boxhagener Str. 64

10245 Berlin

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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